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Love is the loudest sound, the strongest feeling and the highest, most healing vibration. When love flows and is expressed, it can be heard, felt and experienced around the world. - Sindi Somers

Once upon a time I was looking for a canine companion...

Sindi and Ginger

I found her by using my clairvoyance and meditation techniques! Ginger is pure sunshine and loves bringing smiles to people's faces, including mine! I am blessed to have this beautiful being in my life.

Interested in learning spiritual techniques to bring more joy into your life? Email me at sindi@wildtame.com. I will add you to my email newsletter mailing list so you can stay updated on my class and workshop schedule.

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Sindi Somers 619-797-0705 sindi@wildtame.com







Wild and Tame Wellness and Communications is based in San Diego County, but serves the entire world’s wild and tame animals and people. Whether you are in San Diego, Laguna Beach, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Francisco or anywhere in California or the United States, Sindi can help. In additon to serving major cities including, Phoenix, Arizona, Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon, Chicago, Illinois, Miami, Florida and New York City, Sindi serves smaller communities and clients anywhere in the world. Sindi speaks English, but if an interpreter is available, she is eager to work with those with a different native tongue. The language of energy has no boundaries! Sometimes we just need a little verbalization assistance to bridge the communication gap.

Wild and Tame’s CEO, Sindi Somers worked as a meditation and energy healing teacher at CDM in Everett, Washington, just north of Seattle. While at CDM she also served as a professional psychic reader and energy healer. She is skilled at aura, past life and energy readings, as well as cleansing auras, chakras, head channels and energy systems. Her telepathic communication skills developed as she strengthened her other abilities. She is able to communicate with people and animals that have passed on, as well as those physically present on earth.

Sindi has had an awareness of the spiritual realm and a deep affinity for animals since she was a child. Originally assisting people, it was her love of animals that inspired her to formally include animals in her practice. Sindi is known by many in as an animal expert and gifted pet psychic, while continuing her work assisting people. She offers psychic readings, energy healings and meditation classes for people with and without companion animals.

Sindi appreciates those clients that are able to pay for her services. This allows her to continue to volunteer her time and donate her services to assist animals in shelters, rescues and others in need.

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To improve the safety and welfare of animals, both wild and tame while aiding in the evolvement of humanity and the preservation of mother earth.


Our mission is to assist beings on their journey. We communicate and validate with affinity and neutrality to improve the welfare of humans and animals, while healing the planet.

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Sindi and dog Ginger smooch

Wild and Tame CEO,Sindi Somers and PR Director Ginger say hello...

Sindi and Ginger High 5

...and high five it!

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