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Sindi has been offering professional psychic readings for people since she was 20 years old. In addition to reading energy, auras and past lives, she is able to address any issue. She provides services in person and long distance to anyone, anywhere in the United States and other countries.

It was Sindi's love of animals that inspired her to make them a formal part of her practice. She started with people. Now she offers psychic readings and energy healings for people with and without pets and wild and tame animals.

Sindi's goal is to help you to get to know yourself better. She hopes to empower you to make the choices that are best for you.

Some topics you may wish to ask Sindi about:

  • Relationships
  • Finances
  • Work
  • Health
  • Problems Sleeping
  • Pets - Current and Past
  • Your Psychic Experiences
  • Blocks to Creating What You Want
  • Loved Ones That Have Passed On

Or anything else going on with you right now or in the past, as well as blocks to creating the future you desire.

Sindi doing a reading

Sindi doing a reading at a public event.


Physicists agree... everything is energy! Sindi offers psychic energy readings and energy healings. If you are looking for help figuring out this thing called life, contact Sindi.


































Services by Sindi Somers include:

Sindi Meditating


* * * Brand New Service * * *

Anyone, Anywhere and Everyone, Everywhere Can Learn to Meditate!

If you have been wanting to learn to meditate, but feel discourage or that you can't, please read on! More than any one thing, I hear from people when I mention that I practice and teach meditation is that they can't meditate. They say they have tried and just can't do it. Don't give up! While you may experience someimmediate differences and beneficial results, quieting the mind and calming the body can take some time. You didn't learn to become busy and stressed out in one day. The same can be true for learning to take time for yourself and having a sense of calmness.

The form of meditation that I practice and share with others, uses visutalization techniques to help you to be more in the present moment. These meditative tools give you something to focus on if your mind wanders and gets distrasted.

Because we humans are so busy, it can be challenging to carve out time for ourselves to be still, let alone, try and schedule in a class. For these reasons, along with the fact that the world is bigger than a quick day trip, I created this virtual Meditation Club.

It's like having a meditation teacher in your home at your beckon call without giving up any of your privacy! Here's how the Wild and Tame Meditation Club membership works.

  • Each week you receive two separate recordings.

    • One recording is educational and instructional, focusing on one specific meditation technique. This will allow you extra practice time to help build your confidence with using that particular technique.

    • One recording is a guided meditation, which incorporates the technique of the week, as well as others. I will guide you through the process. You can pause the recording at any time to give yourself more practice time.

Choose from four different Meditation Club membership options.

  • $25 per month

  • $60 for three months, paid in full. (equal to $20 per month)

  • $90 for six months, paid in full. (equal to $15 per month)

  • $120 for twelve months, paid in full. (equal to $10 per month)


Psychic reading and energy healing sessions for people and animals

Teaching meditation, energy healing and animal communication techniques

Officiating weddings, commitment ceremonies, renewal of vows, baptisms, memorial services

Inspirational, motivational, educational speaking engagements on a variety of topics



Call 619-797-0705 or email sindi@wildtame.com for rates and current schedule information.




Sindi Somers offers sessions in person, as well as long distance. Your session will be recorded onto a digital recorder. It can then be downloaded onto your computer via USB connection, emailed to you or burned onto a CD.


In person home visits or travel to a different location:

One hour session - $200 plus transportation fee, if applicable. $50 each additional 15 minutes.

In person sessions include complimentary, optonal aura healings and cleansings of the area where the session takes place; room, home, building, location cleansings in addition to the one hour session.

Long distance:

One hour session - $100

Half hour session - $50


Receiving a reading is healing in itself. Additional energy healing may be appropriate during one of the above listed sessions.

Energy healings in person

Long distance healings

Home, office, building or location cleansings and "ghostbusting"

Home and hospital visits - energy healing, communication, reading and spiritual assistance with transitions:

Prices vary depending on specifics of session, including location and type of healing requested.

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Lori and Tim get married

Lori and Tim's wedding and Saki ceremony officiated by Rev. Sindi Somers. What a fun day!

Weddings Officiated



- Weddings, Vow Renewal and Commitment Ceremonies

- Baptisms and Christenings

- Memorial Services

- Call for prices, as they vary depending on location and the event specifics.

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Weddings Officiated