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Sindi Somers from Wild and Tame Wellness and Communications has been a great addition to the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA Doggie Café programs!  She has volunteered her services to provide complimentary readings for the guests at occasional Doggie Café events.  This popular addition to our Cafes has added a fun, engaging component to the evening.  Thanks, Sindi!

Stacey Zeitlin
Director of Education and Community Programs
San Diego Humane Society and SPCA
5500 Gaines Street
San Diego, CA



Sindi Somers

Things clients have told me recently...

"You were spot on, Sindi!"

"I feel like my pets and I are closer and I understand them better since our reading."

A client reported back after a "ghostbusting" energy house cleansing session: "There's been no "negative" energy. Thank you times 10!"

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Jessica and Harley

"...this dog felt understood for the first time in his life."

Sindi Somers is awesome! I have used many of her services from pet sitting to animal communications. There are very few people I trust with my dogs, Sindi being the front runner. Sometimes I think my dogs like her more than me!! They are always ecstatic when she comes over, and I feel great knowing that they are happy and well cared for when I am away.

I have also used Sindi's animal communication skills on a few occasions to help understand issues with my own dogs and also a foster dog. One of my favorite stories is about a 6 month old French Mastiff/pit bull mix that was pulled from the shelter by Pit Bull Rescue San Diego. I offered to foster him, and it turned out that he was deaf and also suffered from numerous issues both physically and mentally. Being a dog trainer I was able to take care of his training needs, but there was still something missing. He continued to display difficult behavior problems and I sought out help from Sindi to help understand his motives better. Not only was Sindi's reading insightful and freakishly accurate, but it was almost as though this dog felt understood for the first time in his life. Within a few days of the reading his behavior problems dramatically decreased and he was adopted a few weeks later. Sindi's reading helped save his life. I highly recommend Sindi and all of her services to anyone who needs help with their pet. She is wonderful.

- Jessica Wheatcraft, Certified Dog Trainer (CDT) -



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two kitties in a box

"One visit by Sindi changed the lives of my cats for the better and I could not be more thankful.


I am writing to say what a wonderful experience I had using the services provided by Sindi Somers.  I originally asked Sindi to assist in determining why my little girl cat was exhibiting some behavioral issues.  My vet could only suggest medication as a cure and I was hoping to avoid that.  Sindi, in one visit, not only helped us to understand the issues the girl was having but she recognized my cats were eating food which was detrimental to their health.  Both of my cats had been suffering with gastro type issues and the vet had changed their diet several times but the issues persisted.  My cats have been on the foods suggested by Sindi and they have not had one gastro issue since.  They have gained weight, their coats look beautiful and they love their food.  

One visit by Sindi changed the lives of my cats for the better and I could not be more thankful.  Her "gift" and wealth of knowledge has indeed given our little family a great gift of good health and happy cats!

- Donna -



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"...she would have had no way of knowing these things other than reading our energy."

Over the past several years Sindi has done both in person and long distance readings and healings on myself, my family members and almost every single one of my pets. The insight that she has brought to issues surrounding our family has been invaluable. My husband and I now relate to each other better, and we both relate better to the four legged creatures in our life.

Sindi has done readings on our dogs which has helped us to understand their emotional, physical and nutritional needs much better and has deepened our relationships with each of them. I should probably mention that my husband was skeptical, to say the least, of allowing a psychic to "read" him. After the very first reading we received from Sindi he became a firm believer after she tuned in to things that were dead on and she would have had no way of knowing these things other than reading our energy.

Most recently, our relationship with one of our mules became strained and we were making plans to get rid of her when my husband (of all people!) suggested contacting Sindi. Sindi did a reading and a healing on our mule and with the information she gleaned we were able to gain a more complete understanding of her history and why she was doing some of the things she was doing. Since then, we have a new respect for that mule and our relationship with her is flourishing. I absolutely cannot say enough good things about Sindi and her talent as a psychic and an energy healer.

- Kelly -



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Horse and Dog communicating

What's up dog?

The dog can tell you. So can the horse.

But, if they won't share then... just ask Sindi!


In person home visits and long distance sessions for anyone, anywhere!




dog and cat

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